Name Colleges Accepted High School
Ben C. Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown Bronx HS Science
Marisol R. Harvard, Yale, Brown, UPenn. Manhasset HS
Kamil G. Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, CalTech, Columbia Cardozo HS
Shirin B. Northwestern HPME Syosset HS
Dhruv V. Columbia, U. Chicago Roslyn HS
David S. Yale, Duke, Cornell, NYU(full scholarship) Calhoun HS
Chris K. Princeton Trinity School
Abhinav R. Columbia, Lehigh(med program), GW(med) Garden City HS
Rishi C. Columbia, BU(med), Penn State(med), Jericho HS
Adam P. Wash U., Johns Hopkins, Emory, Vanderbilt Roslyn HS
Sajni S. Cornell, Barnard, Tufts Forest Hills HS
Anthony V. Northwestern, Georgetown, BC, Emory Chaminade HS
"My experience with 1877Ivytutor was certainly a remarkable one. My tutor went above and beyond the simple task of raising my academic average in math and physics, assisting me to attain a 400 point improvement on my SAT I score. While preparing my college application, my tutor also had the brilliant idea of submitting an extra essay as well as a resumé in order to help me show off my multiple talents and sensibilities. I applied early to Harvard and got in. The work ethic that I learned from 1877Ivytutor will help me for the rest of my life."
Amanda W.
Trinity School, Manhattan, NY
“If someone had told me a year ago that I would be attending the Wharton Business School at Penn, I would not have believed him. Not only was Spencer a phenomenal tutor for SATs and SAT IIs, but his help was crucial during the application process. Getting into Wharton was a dream that was only made possible with Spencer’s teaching and mentoring. I recommend 1877Ivytutor because I doubt any other company would have been able to give me the tools necessary to succeed academically”.
Stephanie Y.
Scarsdale HS, Scarsdale, NY



Pragya K. 2400
Scott Y. 2390 Presidential Scholar Semifinalist
Dhruv V. 2380 Presidential Scholar Semifinalist
Kelly W. 2360
Shivrat C. 2350 (10th grader)
Justin S. 2330
Ben W. 2320
Chris K. 2310
Ben C. 2310
Joslyn C. 2310
Scott Y. MathII 800
Adam P. MathII 800
Jake N. MathII 800
Divya C. MathII 800
Shivrat C. MathII 800
Shivrat C. Chem 800
Scott Y. Chem 800
Divya C. Chem 800
Pragya K. 2009 Siemens Semifinalist
Priaya C. 2009 Intel/Siemens Semifinalist
Timenchova 2009 Intel Semifinalist
Jocelyn C. 2009 Intel Finalist
Brian L. 2008 Intel Semifinalist
Ben W. 2008 Intel Semifinalist
Shirin B. 2008 Intel Semifinalist
Brian L. 2007 Siemens Semifinalist
Dhruv C. 2007 Siemens Semifinalist
Rishi C. 2007 Intel Semifinalist
Abhinav R. 2007 Intel Finalist
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